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Episodes are recorded live in front of an audience and include a mixture of discussions, pop quizzes, and games, which means you'll be just as informed as you are entertained.

You know those conversations with your best friend that get crazy because you hold absolutely nothing back. That's exactly what The Read is. The show is a pop culture podcast hosted by friends Kid Fury and Crissle.

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Each episode is composed of a few segments: "black excellence" where the hosts shout out good news that's happening to the black community , "hot topics" which is a discussion of what's happening in the pop culture , "listener letters" where Kid Fury and Crissle give advice to people who write in , and the titular segment "the read" where the hosts each rant about something that's weighing on their hearts.

But what makes the podcast so funny is that Kid Fury and Crissle will drag literally anything and everything. Passionate and irreverent, listening to The Read feels like hanging out with your friends. Have you ever watched a movie that's so bad that you asked yourself "how the hell is this even real?! Each week, actors Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch movies that are so bad they're amazing and talk about it.

And you know that feeling you get when you watch an objectively bad movie and just spend the entire time making fun of it with your friends.

That's exactly what this podcast is, for episodes and counting. You've heard of fantasy football.

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But have you heard about a fantasy breakfast food draft? Or a fantasy "Mike" draft you know, who's the best person named Mike. Enter All Fantasy Everything. As the name implies, the show makes a fantasy drafts out of, well, everything.

Then, host Ian Karmel along with a rotating cast of guests debate each topic until a champion is crowned. If you've ever wanted to see a comedy show but don't have the time to go in person, we have three words for you: 2 Dope Queens. The show is part standup set, part discussion podcast hosted by comedians Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams.

In each episode the duo talk about everything from online dating to the tiny house trend, which means conversations are always fun and varied. Additionally, episodes are recorded live, giving each discussion a performative flair that'll make you feel like you're carrying around a comedy club in your pocket as you listen. If you're a human on the internet, you probably know John Green and Hank Green, the brother duo that helped shape the YouTube world with their vlog series The Vlog Brothers. And then by launching VidCon. Dear Hank and John is an advice podcast where Hank and John attempt to answer your most absurd questions, like "what are the rules of doctor-patient small talk" and "what do I do with 23 plastic molds of my teeth.

Listen, we all thirst. It's human. It's natural. Thirst Aid Kit is a weekly about your love, sex, and your favorite celebrity boo thangs. The podcast is unapologetically filthy, as the hosts talk about your crushes, read fan-fiction, and in general, share the thirst that we all know and feel. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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In the Rhetoric 3, 2 , a handbook for speakers, he says that one way for a speaker to get a laugh is to create an expectation in the audience and then violate it. This very incongruity of sensuous and abstract knowledge, on account of which the latter always merely approximates to the former, as mosaic approximates to painting, is the cause of a very remarkable phenomenon which, like reason itself, is peculiar to human nature, and of which the explanations that have ever anew been attempted, as insufficient: I mean laughter…. The hypothesis that laughter evolved as a play signal is appealing in several ways. Puffin Books. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. But why are jokes such an important part of the French language?

If you have young children, or know any who speak French, this is a really great joke to know and use. It tends towards wordplay, and has great content for practicing your French. Toto is at school and asks if he can go to the toilet.

How Learning Jokes in French Can Help Your Conversation Skills

His teacher says no. Toto is a popular figure in French jokes and pops up time and again. This joke is a perfect example of the multitude of meanings present in different French words.

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As in this joke, Toto normally takes the questions his elders ask him at face value, answering honestly but cheekily. A great example of the potential humor in French pronunciation, this joke only really works when told in its native form, and out loud. Another great example of French play on words, this is a very popular joke in France.

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A thief is on the twentieth floor of a building. Suddenly his foot slips and he falls down. In the context of the joke, however, it stands in for both, and while the robber might meet a somewhat grisly end, his fate serves a humorous and useful purpose for French learners! Ranging from grammatical misunderstandings to pronunciation and double word meanings, French jokes are really rich in learning points. Adding a funny punch line to your understanding of the language will not only give you a bit of fun but also might teach you a thing or two along the way.

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