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Anisa that is giving me both good memories and a queasy feeling in my stomach as I chose to do this hike after a huge tapas and sangria session the night before.

Jerusalem Hotels and Places to Stay

Actually it was more a sangria session and I felt terrible but the views were incredible! Haha Katy. I can see how that can happen. We were just stuffed so it felt good to work it off. Tipsy is a whole separate thing.

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Kudos to you for doing it! This looks like such a beautiful hike! Last Updated on June 18th, Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please see disclosure for more information. The statue of Christ on top of the castle. What to See on Monte Urgull Monte Urgull is more than a scenic hike, we found a few attractions that are worth seeing too.

Some of the canons in the castle. Pin For Later.

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Next The Downside of Cheap Flights. About The Author. Anisa Anisa is an experienced international traveler with extra pages in her passport and stamps from 41 different countries across 5 continents and counting. Angie FeetDoTravel on December 9, at pm.

Missionaries hike to share Jesus on Appalachian Trail

TheWeeklyPostcard Reply. Paul and Carole on December 10, at am. Jessica Independent Travel Cats on December 10, at am. Thanks Jessica! Yes I really loved the artwork too. Melai on December 11, at pm.

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Melai — yes that is one of the reasons I love hiking! Katy on December 14, at am.


Kathi on December 14, at am. I hope you get to go.

Becky Balsamo on December 14, at pm. Looks like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon! You will be taken through the twists and turns of the Souq market , seeing Nazareth through the eyes of an local. Then, enjoy some free time in the city before heading to Nazareth Village for a Parable walk through the recreated first-century farm and village. Your day finishes back at the Fauzi Azar Inn, relaxing in the courtyard, and sharing stories with the other guests.

Day 2: Nazareth to Cana As you leave the Old City via its steps, you will be immediately treated with your first breathtaking view of the Galilean landscape.

https://klengesruno.tk Your third night will give you the opportunity to experience authentic Arab hospitality as you stay in a homey guesthouse, and are treated to local cuisine. Day 3: Cana to Kibbutz Lavi Enjoy the beautiful architecture of the houses as you leave Cana and walk along the Beit Keshet Forest.

Pause for some refreshments at a military base, and take in the bustle of soldiers coming and going between shifts. Stroll onwards to Kibbutz Lavi; a working religious Jewish Kibbutz and the biggest manufacturer of synagogue furniture in the world. Here you will stay for the night in their large modern hotel, complete with swimming pool, tennis courts, and a kosher buffet for dinner.

You will leave the hotel, and trail through the Kibbutz farm, being greeted along the way with moos and cock-a-doodle-doos from the gregarious livestock. Awe-inspiring degree panoramic views greet you from atop this extinct volcano. The final stretch of the day transports you back in time, through old olive groves, and ancient scenery seemingly untouched by history, as you make your way to Moshav Arbel, where you will turn in for the night.

A comfy bed, and delicious meal await you! You'll soar with the eagles and swim with the sharks. You'll meet melting mountains, bitter herbs, and several notable constellations, such as Orion.

Hike to Christ the Redeemer - The Life Well Traveled

And every day you'll tuck away a nugget of wisdom in your spiritual knapsack for forever. So put on your hiking boots. We're going on a truth safari! Home Books Ellen G.