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Landsheere de , G. Lebeaume, J. Leroux, P. Denis et G. Lux, D. Norman, E.

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Rak, I. Ray, W. Rogalski, J. Arsac, Y. Chevallard, J-L. Sanders, M.

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Journal d'une "prof" de collège (Savoir et formation) (French Edition) eBook: Sylvette Krid: Kindle Store. You can download and read online Journal dune prof de collège (Savoir et formation) (French Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also.

Schwartz, B. Weill-Fassina, A. Welch, M. Whitehead, A.

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Personalised recommendations. Cite article How to cite? ENW EndNote. Knowledge that benefits patients: evaluation of knowledge transfer in nurses, after an e-Learning training on pain management. Introduction : In hospitals, the prevalence of pain has been reported to be high, but an effective and regular nursing pain management is not optimal.

Objective : This study aimed to evaluate the knowledge transfer following an e-Learning training on pain, followed by 47 nurses and support staff from a geriatric rehabilitation unit at a university hospital in French-speaking Switzerland. Methods : Nurses and support staff completed a satisfaction questionnaire and a knowledge questionnaire. An analysis of patient files was carried out and focus groups with professionals completed this evaluation. Results : The results show a high satisfaction with the contents addressed in the e-Learning and an acquisition of knowledge at the end of the training. However, the analysis of patient records shows that recommendations for good practice in pain screening and assessment are not systematically applied. Bernard, A. Beaucher dir. Sriraman Eds. Probabilistic Thinking: Presenting Plural Perspectives.

Teaching Citizenship Education through the Mathematics course. Sriraman, V. Freiman Eds. Charlotte, NC: Information Age. Proulx et L. May Chronaki Eds.

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Polotskaia, E. Par Marcy Oster. Prague, Czech Republic, August The study is original in that it is conducted on a population of large French companies, makes a clear distinction between insider and outsider ownership, and compares related diversification strategies to conglomerate strategies. Top Ops. Our study shows creative yet patterned possibilities in the uses of a standard practice, with both adoption and implementation taking on symbolic meaning.

Volos, Greece April , Leeds, UK, September , Barwell, R. Manuel, D. Collectively building knowledge on fractions through discourse. July July, Opportunities for learning in a secondary math teacher leaders in the context of a video club.

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Indigenous Mathematics: The concept of probability in the Inuit culture. Washington, DC, United-States.

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April 10, Mathematics Assessments in Education: Observing Teachers for informing the policy makers. Vancouver, BC, Canada. March 9, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. April Questioning elementary students in an interdisciplinary lesson in Science and Mathematics. Using activity theory in Quebec context: Case of additive structures.

Sydney, Australia September October 3. Observing teachers: The mathematics pedagogy of Quebec Francophone and Anglophone teachers. Research Forum on task design: Task to promote holistic flexible reasoning about simple additive structures. Vancouver, Canada. Teaching statistics in a mathematics course in middle school: interdisciplinarity, really? Toronto, Canada, March Samson, G. A cross analysis on the interventions of teachers of mathematics, science and technology in interdisciplinary context. Munich, Germany, August Prague, Czech Republic, August Larose, F.

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The effects of the research contract in a collaborative research setting in mathematics education. McGill University. March