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She wants to be a hunter who hunts Gwyrachs, magical beings Expected Pub Date: She wants to be a hunter who hunts Gwyrachs, magical beings who are witches who can kill people by touch. When her mother was killed by one when she was younger, she was determined to become a hunter so she can revenge her death. When a life or death situation arises, her life turns upside down when it's reveal that she's a Gwyrach herself. Now she's on a journey with the prince in order to uncover the secrets of her mom's journal and the truth about her new-found discovery on herself.

I couldn't connect with the characters or the plot at all. The MC became straight out annoying and the love interest seemed blander than bread even tho I seen people compared him to Darcy and Rhysand.. I also heard he was Bi but I didn't even stick around to see if that was true Mia supposed to been almost like Katniss and Cinder with trying to protect her baby sister but seem more like Scarlet from Carnival The writing seems like the author needed to go though more drafts before this book could be considered for an arc. In other words, the author needs to fire her editor cause her editor should have told her this book works better in first person and tone down using the word "perhaps" and the phase "like a".

I was changing it to first pov in my mind but that takes work and didn't feel like doing it for the rest of the book. Also the fact the men are rulers and females can't rule even tho the previous ruler was a female and she did everything right I thought having a feminist feel to a book supposed to mean that women and men supposed to be treated like equals with no female or male bashing involved.

Yeah The Gwyrach sounds scary but you keep telling me these women with magic should be feared but not showing me. Yeah I supposed to be believe that Mia supposed to be a hunter who hunts Gwyrach but you never show me her hunting down one maybe when she younger with her dad or with the hunters.

You never show me her even training to be one. So more show and less tell! Perhaps sounds pretentious as hell.

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Now if only I could get an official release date. Why does it say now? View all 12 comments. Aug 24, Heather rated it liked it Shelves: It did move somewhat slow for me and I did more a little more backstory of the magic in this series.

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If your looking for a new ya fantasy series to start, I would recommend this one. Just tell the story and stop trying to shove your microwaved feminism down my throat. Feb 16, J. Ok for me this was 2.

The book probably deserves 3 stars so I've rounded up. I'm not going to rehash the blurb here. Things go sideways and our MC, Mia, ends up on the run with the prince having discovered something 'shocking' about herself. The book is divided probably unnecessarily into four parts. Part one is quite clunky in terms of narrative but the book becomes very readable as you proceed. It hits a lot of tropes and it's not subtle about doing it. Tropes aren't a bad thing of course - readers, whether they are aware of it or not, are looking for certain tropes in certain genres, but re-imagined and repackaged.

So I suppose what I'm saying here is that Heart of Thorns doesn't do a great job of repackaging those tropes, while simultaneously absolutely fulfilling the target audience's expectations.

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There were few surprises but it was still by and large quite an enjoyable read. I loved Quin as a character, which I was not expecting. YA love interests are usually a bit meh with me. That said I really don't want him with the MC because he can do better! It is there, but you won't get a whisper of it until about two thirds of the way through where a lot is crammed in in a short space of narrative.

It's great that Quin and a few other characters are Bi but I wouldn't call it well done rep.

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It's not bad but it's sort of wedged in, so moderate your expectations. The feminist message of the book had been delivered in a fairly clumsy, un-nuanced and heavy handed way up until that point but ok, at least this wasn't a YA fantasy about a girl finding the one person in the universe meant for her. But in this chapter the author managed to hit almost all my bookish bugbears; - rape and rape threat used as short hand for 'this character is a bad guy', instead of actual characterisation.

Spoiler end Possibly one of the things that bugs me most in books, is when we are constantly told how clever and brilliant a character is when we are never shown that by their actions.

Being able to incorrectly recite anatomical terminology doesn't make you clever - seriously one of the most mediocre intellects I've seen on a character. So as I said I'm torn.

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I can see how this would be exactly what some readers want. It delivers on the tropes of the genre, the style is highly readable, the pace is good and the plot is just intriguing enough. I imagine if you haven't read lots of fantasy you'll get even more out of it. Despite my personal annoyance with Mia and her clueless black and white world view and emotional over reactions despite apparently being all about logic!

Other readers are going to love her.

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Don't get me wrong. Klewein starrte sie an, dann verbeugte er sich sarkastisch und ging hinweg. Schon lebte er in Schulden, schon betrachteten ihn die Leute scheu und finster, schon stieg das Wasser bis zum Hals. Seine eigne Miene trug den Ausdruck des Zweifels. I hate that Angie was right about Mia but was sorta misguided with a twinge of evil. Olukoya Dr.

Personally I'd recommend this for people wanting light, uncomplicated fantasy with a feminist slant and a straight forward plot. Quin is adorable, Dom and Pilar and Karri are a great supporting cast, if somewhat underused.

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The things that annoyed me will be what makes someone else lover the book. Buddy read with Melanie The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: Just look at that thorny cover reminiscent of Aurora's gilded cage of a castle. However, unlike the mentioned fairy tale, this book doesn't focus on a handsome prince saving a pretty damsel in distress. Instead, it turns the cliche around by featuring a world wherein men need to protect the The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: Instead, it turns the cliche around by featuring a world wherein men need to protect themselves from magical women called Gwyrach.

If you hate toxic masculinity and support female empowerment, you're in for a treat. Nowadays, everyone is familiar with sexism, particularly the kind that's directed toward females. With that in mind, I enjoyed Heart of Thorns because of its depiction or exploration of misogyny. Mia, the heroine, was the daughter of the best Gwyrach hunter in the land.

Her dislike for the said "demons" turned into irrevocable hatred because one of them killed her beloved mother. Eventually, it was revealed that the Gwyrach's power to control flesh and blood was a defense mechanism, a result of male violence. For example, the Gwyrach could direct the flow of blood to "soften" a man's erection. They could also control his mind to prevent further, unwanted advances.

I found this phenomenon very interesting even though it showed the hypocrisy of my own sex. The men in Mia's world resented the Gwyrach's magic when their lust or superiority complex was the reason why it developed in the first place. In other words, they were the real "demons.

Recognizing their vulnerability, the men in this book forced all women to wear gloves. Apparently, some Gwyrach could enthrall a man intentionally or inadvertently with a mere touch. And once the enchantment was in place, the victim would be a mindless puppet. Fortunately, when Mia "bloomed," she refused to use her magic for malicious purposes; doing so would only reinforce her people's bad reputation and strengthen the patriarchy. It was nice how she strove to use her powers for good.

By exhibiting self-control, Mia could ensure that her relationship with Quin was born of genuine affection. In this regard, she was way better than her mother, who had enthralled Mia's father for years.

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Quin was one of the few decent men in the novel, so I would've been angry if Mia had taken advantage of him. Don't get me wrong. Mia wasn't a perfect character. She enjoyed using her intelligence to belittle others and was obsessed with the idea of getting revenge. I related to her erudite personality, but I rolled my eyes every time she mentioned the scientific names of body parts i. I knew that the author wanted to establish Mia's nerd status and maintain a "cardiovascular theme. Oh well, at least Mia was not as frustrating as Angie, her sister who was an exceptional liar.