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I simply told them I wanted to practice my Spanish and work of my dinner that night and look around, A few would yell ' come fuck me' or the likes, sort of like the Gypsies will do yelling at me across the room. I actually liked this little RLD. I found the prices to be maybe 5 plus Euros on all from the main RLD for the same services rendered. I ended up doing one room with a cute 30 something Dominica for 40 Euros the other one was a Venezuelan who got Same service as usual. Where is Maria? That sounds like Maria, she is straight to business type of girl.

But if you hit it hard enough from behind and maker enjoy it a bit she relaxes and yes by far some of the best tits I have ever seen in a long time. Great body and face as well. Sounds Like you met Maria That sounds like Maria, she is straight to business type of girl. I left my phone and wallet at the hotel just case I would be the victim of knife robbery.

As usual, the area was full of hundreds of drug addicts, many of them far away in their own realities. Lots of shady types strolling around, looking for fun, trouble, customers, most with migrant background. I was almost ran over by a speeding police car and later met a police patrol with rubber gloves on. I ran up and down all the Laufhause I could find but did not see many girls I liked. It was not hot outside, but in the stairwells it quickly got very hot and I was soon sweating like a horse.

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I decided to go back to I think it was Crazy Sexy and had a second look at a busty dark-haired girl. She was in fact smoking hot; very big perfect tits, tanned, Romanian beauty-look with heavy make-up, long shiny black hair. When I heard her price; 30 eur for fucking sucking touching I immediately said "let's go". Those tits!

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I mean, I can not get them off my mind! Best set I have experienced in years. Easily in my tits-top-5! Aside from the tits, she had a super business-like attitude. In fact, I liked it. It made it feel dirty. I was not allowed to shower, only a quick cleanup in the restroom.

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I had showered just before I went out, so I was still feeling relatively fresh but I had been sweating a lot, so did my best to freshen up with water from the sink and paper towels. Wondered how many disgusting unwashed guys she had been with this night. The action began with a rubbered blowjob where I was standing and she was sitting. I massaged her tits.

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Very soon she threw herself back on the bed and spread her legs. I jumped after her like a clumsy lion with erect penis. During the sex I admired her tits and I think she did too; she was looking at herself in the mirrors on the wall and adjusting her position to look perfect. After only a few minutes of pumping her medium-tight pussy I came, and then she pointed me straight to the restroom again.

Nice report!

When I was dressed and came out, she showed me the door. Fastest sex of my life.

Zero emotion. Zero interest. But it was still hot. And dirt cheap. A longer GFE session with this beauty would be amazing, no doubt. When I woke up today, her boobs was still bouncing before by eyes. Maybe I will go back today after FKK. Posts: 4.

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Sexy Thai-Mädchen zum Anfassen (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Nathalie von Eckbrink. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Book Sexy Thai-Mädchen zum Anfassen PDF Online FREE!!! Confused looking to book Sexy Thai-Mädchen zum Anfassen PDF Kindle that are sold in stores?

Do you mean the building with very luxurious entrance? Thanks Lanthano. I would say for some people, especially the loud english talkers who are easily taken advantage of, should just avoid the RLD altogether. I even have trouble there occasionally and oftentimes just stick with the same girls if they're around. First of all, I have posted quite a lot about the RLD so perhaps reading the reports under my name would help you out a lot. Otherwise here are some rules of thumb: -"Blasen ficken anfassen" suck covered , fuck covered and touching is the basic service.

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If she asks for more for the base service and it's always base service unless you start negotiating for more , she's scamming you. Extras cost more, imo more to the point that an FKK is better value for money for extras. Crazy sexy has transsexual Thai girls so I would avoid as well mostly, however there are exceptions to both places, however the odds are against you.. Hung around the RLD, stopped at one house with a skeleton crew.

Accepted with this short slightly overweight girl who had been giving me the eyes a number of times that I went by. Agreed on 20 euros. In the room, some of the warning signs started up: -miscommunications or what not about the BJ would be done I should put it on myself? Before taking off my pants fully, I figured this was a bad idea, grabbed my money that I had put on the table, whereupon she blocked the door and told me I needed to pay everything I hadn't so much as touched her at this point or she would call security.

The hotel seems bad but what do I care since I'm not going to spend much time there. Planning on visiting the RLD for the first time. My monger budget is Should be enough for that level of place. Quick midnight escape from a potential scammer Hung around the RLD, stopped at one house with a skeleton crew. Offered her 10 to let me out "No, everything" I wasn't having this so I just pulled the door and lightly shifted her out the way. She shouted at me and tried to chase, called security.

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On the way down the steps, a guy from security called me over, I complied from her broken Romanian sentences they thought I had stolen something. I explained that I cut it off before anything was done pants still on , that I am wary of scammers in this place.

Club Insomnia

Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels zur russischen Revolution. I was not allowed to shower, only a quick cleanup in the restroom. Any recommendations as to the pros and cons of these three? I can't have sex with a woman that I'm not attracted to, and given the access that I have to very attractive women, I see zero reason for me to go to "Catholic school" with a tute who I can't get a raging boner for LOL! By the way some time a go there was girl working there called Julie. Perfect for me because of her height and her exquisite arse I had asked at the door if I could shag her arse but was given a negative response, fair enough, it's her arse and if she doesn't want it shagged then that's up to her, it was really pretty to look at though I find it a wee bit difficult to take any marks at all off this girl, who will be spending Chritsmas at home in Greece.

Reasonable guy actually. He told me that in future I should confirm all these things before entering the room sometimes easier said than done and that was it. I left. I wouldn't recommend doing what I did, but ultimately I'm sick of being scammed here.

I've read one or two comments saying E55 is closed? If true, does anyone have an idea as to why? It was open last June when I went and I could swear I visited it way back in Is the a general monger discussion thread? I am debating on traveling to Europe.

What would be the best? I am looking for that upscale VIP model experience and I have the money to spend. Sharks FKK looks amazing but my main concern is that it seems pointless to just attend one club but all the others have less than stellar reputations. I ususally manage to travel trhough FRA and get an afternoon between flights. That has worked well in the past, allowing me sessions at Palace.

Sadly my next trip will only give me 6 hours layover between I guess it's useless to go to Palace where things hardly start before Is there any action at the RLD near Hauptbahnof between 9 and 12? Get in at 10 am and take the first good looking girl you can find, fuck her for an hour and then leave. I normally find the morning shift at Oase quite good both regarding looks and service. Girls from all over the globe. On my way to Ethiopia, I had a layover in Frankfurt.

I could have caught an early flight from Brussels, but preferred to leave the evening before. One night in Frankfurt would give me the opportunity to scour the RLD for a willing model.

German Girl Hot Oil Massage Full Body Work Masseuse Hand Expression Rub ASMR

I knew the odds were against me, but it was worth a try After a few cigarettes, I crossed the street to the train station and bought a ticket to the Haubtbahnhof. The Eros Center at 34 was my first port of call. Carrying an extremely heavy backpack, climbing the stairs to the top floor was tough. On the top flight, 3 pretty maidens were vying for my attention.

She was a real cutie, but seemed cold.